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The Theoretical Game.

Game Theory as a cell phone multiplayer Java game.

Should work fine on any modern cell phone. Might look wonky (but playable) on 'small' screens (My own phone is a SonyEricsson S700, which has a rather large screen).

The menu option to play against an AI doesn't work -- the AI isn't done yet ;)


01 main menu 02 game settings 03 round starts 04 game in progress 05 blue won round 06 green wins the game

How To Play

You must be two players to play this game. The first player plays green, chooses columns, and uses the keys 1, 4, 7 and *. The second player plays blue, chooses rows, and uses the keys 3, 6, 9 and #.

The goal of the game is to guess which row/column the other player will choose, and then select the column/row that marks the cell with the most points in your own color. You may change selection as many times as you want during a round, but when the time runs out, that selection is final, and points are handed out. If one player fails to make a selection before the time runs out, the other player wins two points.

For an example, look at screenshot #5 above. In that shot, the round has just ended. Green player chose column #1 by pressing "1". Blue player chose column #2 by pressing "6". The cell that crosses this row and column is chosen: In this case, that cell has a blue number 1 in it, which means that the blue player gains one point.

Get it.

The Theoretical Game v0.1.1

If you're browsing this from a cell phone, click this link to install.